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July 14, 2005 by grayhaze
I've recently had some trouble with the domain registration agent I've been using for the past few years here in the UK. I currently own several .com domains and a couple of ones, all of which were registered through the same agent. This agent is/was a reseller for the Tucows/OpenSRS service (Link).

Out of the blue one day I received a couple of emails telling me that my agent was no longer an authorised reseller for Tucows, and that I should transfer my domains over to another one of...
August 19, 2003 by grayhaze
Many users of this site are currently reporting an outbreak of a new variation of the Sobig virus which is filling e-mail mailboxes everywhere. This virus spreads by sending a copy of itself to all e-mail addresses that it finds on an infected machine, disguising itself as an attachment from another address it finds.

There are reports of some individuals receiving over 500 of these virus e-mails in less than a day, and the problem continues to grow extremely quickly.

Please can all users o...